The pleasure of watching the Tarot of the office workers and the true origin of the Tarot

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In mysticism, Tarot decipher the secrets hidden in paintings for the purpose of contemplation, decoding, divination or even finding inspiration in life.

The true origin of the Tarot

The origin of the Tarot was first recorded in the middle of the 15th century, an Italian artist named Bonifacio Bembo drew a deck of 78 cards, systematically divided like the modern Tarot decks we are currently playing. used today. At that time, however, the Tarot was created as a game.

This game quickly spread everywhere in Europe. People started calling it tarocchi as the Italian name for the French word tarot.

For a long time, Tarot was considered a gambling game. There is a theory that by the eighteenth century, a mystic named Antoine Court de Gebelin "claimed" that Tarot was the remnant of Book of Thoth (a book created by an Egyptian god to impart knowledge. for his followers). With this assumption, the cards are considered as the symbolic keys of ancient Egyptian life.

In the nineteenth century, Eliphas Lévi connected the cards to Qabalah, and from there, people began to learn more about Tarot, increasingly finding more meaning, knowledge, even enlightenment through meditation and deepen research. They found that the symbols on the card meant more than just a normal game.

And then they started using the Tarot as a divination tool. The Tarot also later became part of occult philosophy.

Today, Tarot is seen as a tool, a way to "answer questions" in life.

Today, many office ladies come to Tarot as a hobby or find answers to problems in their lives.

Is Tarot reading correct?

This is a very interesting question, and of course, for those who have seen it, some will answer it correctly, and some will object. Why?

There are many different tarot decks and each has up to 78 cards. Each card has a different meaning, each situation has its own meaning. And each person will have different issues and the article viewer also has different consulting experience. So if the Reader experience is good enough to explain the meaning of the cards and help you gain a deeper understanding of what you're asking, that's great. If not then …. The reader needs to improve his skills.

In his book "78 Degree of Wisdom, Rachel Pollack" has shared many authors, most notably Waite, who have foretold a degeneration in the use of Tarot. But using divination correctly can greatly increase the awareness of the meaning of the Tarot cards. Studying the symbols of a Tarot card is part, seeing that the connection between the cards is a bigger part. Many times I have seen a special hexagram that shows important meanings that cannot be solved otherwise.

People still have a deep belief that everything is connected to each other, they have the same meaning. The graph of the cards that appear, corresponding to the events occurring, is similar to the diagram of the zodiac signs for a person's life, the graph of the tea leaves at the bottom of the cup corresponds to the result of a the fight. These at first glance are meaningless random because they do not involve the logic of "Cause-effect", but this idea is always believed by people, and the events that follow these prophecies. is still highly accurate when people make statistics to calculate probability.

The majority of more than 40% of people who seek tarot cards are in need of a career or work solution; 30% want to find the answers in love and love. Also, 15% are questions about the future and finally other issues such as finance, health, relationship, …

Tarot whether superstition?

In fact, viewing Tarot cards today is mainly used as a tool for advice, problem solving and not for predicting the future. If compared to other mystical subjects such as Horoscope, Palm reading, as well as radiation (Downsing), telepathy (Telepathy), Astrology (Astrology) … then Tarot is also based on scientific facilities, extensive research and certain expertise.

Tarot is not a superstition, so viewing Tarot should be separate from traditional taboo views. However, Tarot will not respond to a pregnant woman for professional questions such as whether she will give birth to a boy or a girl, or even spiritual and ethical questions such as giving birth on the date / time / location.

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