Horoscope age of Dragon year 1988: Overview of destiny, love, career

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Horoscope Year of the Rooster 1988: Overview of fate, love, career, let's see what people born in 1988 Mau Thin, what age, should match the colors, directions, and what age people to be Convenient at work, emotional as well as daily life?

Horoscope overview Year of the Rooster born in 1988

The Mau Thin was blessed by the Medicine Monk Lai. Long Man Bodhisattva wisdom and Universal Bodhisattva protection. Mau Thin was a young adult, raising children to prevent floods. People born in Mau Thin are of low average and dark skin. hastiness, intelligence, acumen, energetic, quick assertion, the talkative person speaks boldly, bluntly, without abstinence, thanks to his collapse. They do not believe in divinity, superstition and are very capable diplomats.

People of the Year of the Dragon were not always easy to get discouraged, so their jobs and jobs were often missed midway through. Others are mandarins, pass, middle wealth. They are older and more prosperous in their youth. Enjoy life beyond 75 years old. The number of sediments is about 49 – 50, pay attention to drought.

According to horoscopes, the lives of people born in the Year of the Dragon were not equal at birth, the inequality reflected in their career or emotional life sometimes went up but was often taken down. surprisingly low. Or sick from childhood. Without having a lot of luck on the path of developing their career and career, their life is only average, not too lacking but also not rich and rich.

Women of the Mau Mau age had a lot of hardships in the past. They had not been safe and yet had more pain in their lives. fresh, warm. 40 years old onwards have the number of fortune, fate if there are many virtues, then they will enjoy a lot of fun, have money and career.

Mau Thin: BIRTHDAY: 1928 to 1988 and 2048

DAI LAM MOC Network (trees in big forest) Khac Dai Trach Tho The Thanh De children (school network)


Buddha's life : Guess the number of lives of this age, Age along with the harmonious network being compatible. Some are like a blooming tree, but they are carved out because of the fault of a season. Spring prosperity generals fortune, Rich Summer thousands of extreme relatives. Brothers and sisters are not close, The man helped us with kindness. Age of birth to know a lot of occupations, Adventure abroad away from his grandparents. Talented talent in hand, Green Spring failed, later flourished. The heart is upright or good, the Buddha observes that one day it should be done.

LIFE : The Year of the Rooster does not have a very flat life, that is, it goes up high and it is also surprisingly low. Childhood often sick. The problem of career development, fame and fortune does not have much luck, life is only average, not too rich and rich, but also not too lacking. Life is more troublesome in the heart of love, happiness than the name of career and career. In short, although your life is a lot of hardships, but the number of happiness in the logistics, can bring many great resources in your hand. Year of the Rooster is good at trading, trading, not about public names or any other matters.

LOVE: At the age of Mau Thin, you will be fully in love, even if there are questions, but actually you decided, not always because a woman sow all the questions for your life. . What happens when you are a child, you just want to joke about love. However, when you create happiness, you have the warmth of the family, the fullness and faithfulness of love. So, you should see below when you were born in the month to know if your love situation has changed or not. If you were born in these months, you would have three changes in love in your life, that is, you were born in May, July, and 11 in the lunar calendar. If you were born in these months, there will be two changes of predestination, that is, you were born in January, 3, 4, 6, 8 and 12 of the Lunar Calendar. If you were born in these months of your life completely happy, only one husband and wife, that is you born in the 2nd, 9th and 10th lunar month. Above is a review of your life during the month of birth, to understand the age you will change love affair many times throughout life. Remember the month you were born, and depending on which to know the change of your predestined.

TRAINING AND PUBLIC LIST: About success not completely successful but only temporary success in your life only. If you do not develop your reputation, you are also a person in the society. About the 30-year-old house of religion, you can overcome many difficulties until you reach the age of 34, the new house of religion is peaceful, and starting from 39 years old, then in the house of religion, it is completely peaceful and happy, only the clan has So much excitement. The path of fame is somewhat clear when you reach the age when you are 27 to 34 years old, while at the age of 39, you have to worry about a little religion before you can be warm. A career begins solidly the year you are 39 years old or later, trying to make a great career success this year; carefully and wisely to make life a solid career, good fortune, career growth, and also starting from 39 onwards the problem of money is actually very positive and can be up to a very high level making the career more solid. Summary: Career and money go hand in hand and will grow most strongly and firmly by the year you're 39 years old or older.

AGE FOR SALES : You want to have a solid career and money and do not have to stumble on life, you need to choose the age to match your age. can not bring complete failure in life, there are many times when the age is not suitable with the age of your career must be completely broken. So in the business and career development, hacking, developing career skills you need to choose the age of Ky Ty, Quy Dau, At Hoi, Dinh Suu. These ages are very suitable for the Year of the Dragon in any aspect of life.

WIFE'S CHOICE: In getting married to create happiness for life, you also need to choose your age, so that the two years between husband and wife get together to have peace, joy and make life more beautiful. Whether the development of wealth and career is also due to whether the two spouses are compatible with it. If meeting the age of life is not completely smooth, career development becomes more complex and difficult to build a career becomes more complex and difficult to build a career later. And here are the ages that can help you succeed successfully in life, namely the year of the Snake, the Rooster, the Rooster, the Pig, the Ox, the Rabbit, the Ox. These ages are very good and suitable for Mau Thin. You get married to the year of the Snake and the Rooster, you enjoy a full and full life, enough children to support, a happy family. You are married to Ất Pig, Đinh Sửu, life will progress to fame, money to make quickly, children have enough to raise. You get married with Dinh Mao and At Ox, life is always abundant, abundant money, fame and career rise. That is the age at which you get married, and you will have success in your life. In life, if you get married with these ages, you only develop your career to an average level, because these ages are only in love but not in fortune, these are the ages: Mau Thin, a friend of the same age. Soup Ngo, Giap Tuat and Binh Ty. These ages only have love but do not favor the way fortune. The following are the years that if you get married, you will be in poverty, needy, your family will not have much luck, career development will always be hindered, these are: Nham Than, Mau Dan , Armor, Binh Dan. These ages are not only not in love but also in fortune. In the years when you were in this age, you should not count the relationship or predestined, because the year of your age is in severe conflict, if married in these years you will be far away, boring and have can suffer a lot for women, those are the years that you were 18, 24, 39, 36, 42, 48, 54 years old. The year that you were in the age of cavalry marriage. Those who belong to the Year of the Rooster, born in these months have an orphanistic number of wives and children, that is, those born in March, April, May, June and November. You are born in these months, you will certainly have many wives or love or suffer too much for women. THE AGE: These ages are very cavalier to the age of Mau Thin, If getting married or cooperating to develop the business will have to commit in important conflicts, maybe suicide, death or separation in the middle of life, that is the age: Tan Mui and Quy Mui, two years old This is a significant conflict with the age of the Rooster. In the matter of love when meeting the age of the horse should not marry grandeur. Businesses should meet the Buddha if they meet the old age. In the family, if you meet the cavalry age and make offerings for both of you, it will be solved.

THE MOST DIFFICULT YEARS : The Year of the Dragon has the toughest years of your life, those are the years when you're 25, 29, 34, 37 and 42 years old. In these years, you should be careful about all your jobs, personal and religious, watch out for any uncertainty and business, watch out for your financial expenses, or in a family with illness, mourning, It is the result of the most difficult years in your life.

BEST MERCHING DAYS AND TIME : The Year of the Rooster at odd hours, even days and odd months, can leave for a long trip, do business, co-exist or develop career, can bring great successes . Being published on the exact time and date mentioned above, will never bring failure to your life.


  • + From 29 to 30 years old: 29 years old will have a lot of luck to create conditions for advancing on the path of fame and career, especially August will have some success in life. 30 years old, there are big obstacles in January and March, other months are smooth and normal.
  • + From 31 to 35 years: 31 years old quiet, normal business, cavalry to go far in June, to prevent in the family there are sick people. 32 years old, a great success in life and fortune, can enjoy a lot of luck in the months of March and 4. 33 years old, there are many lucky opportunities to come to you on your career path and career. 34 or beautiful family but not beautiful fortune. 35 years old, difficult, overcome these years you can succeed a lot of fortune.
  • + From 36 to 40 years old: 36 years old with little difficulty in fortune, money wasted and can bring sadness in the 6th and 7th lunar months, other quiet months. 37 and 38 years old, do not have much luck business, still bring failure, should not do big business in these years. Otherwise the career will be broken unexpectedly. 39 and 40, two painful years need to be more careful in all matters, should not go far or leave in even months will have an accident. At the age of 40, the family became more endangered, the development of the business stopped, so it was very reserved.
  • + From 41 to 45 years old: This period of five years can be temporarily quiet about everything, the family is not much trouble, the mind is a little quiet, these years should also be very careful about the body and About everything.
  • + From 49 to 50 years old: The business will have quick results, in the family the children and grandchildren are peaceful and peaceful, but at the age of 47 or sick. These years are very taboo winter, so take care of your health. Do not create more trouble, just develop mediocre career skills, to master your luck.

Which direction are those born in 1988 Mau Thin in?

Because the fate is the same, the direction of men and women born in 1988 is the same.

  • Southeast – Dien: All stability
  • Male – Energetic: Blessed integrity
  • Eastern – Easter: To be helped
  • North – Thien y: Meet the weather, protected

What color are people born in year of Mau Mau Thin?

– Male destiny and female life born in 1988 belonging to Chan, scallion should be suitable with the colors of the Water element, which is Black, Blue because of Aquatic Wood, the similar color should be prosperous and very good; In addition, the color of Jupiter is Green, the dominant color of Turkey is Yellow and Brown.

– Compatible colors: People born in 1988 of Moc Moc using green feng shui jewelry are the colors of the Moc destiny that will help replenish the energy of their own destiny, thereby collecting suck air sand, bring luck.

– Carved color: In addition, the Wood can wear yellow and brown earth. Because of the Earth's Wood Carving, it is possible for the Destiny Woodblower to carve Turkish energy in feng shui stone jewelry of yellow and brown colors.

– The Taboo Color: The Wood Destiny people should avoid using white, gray feng shui jewelry, because these are the colors of the Kim destiny. According to the five elements of the engraving, they are the colors that interfere with and inhibit the fate of the wood.

What age is Mau Thin suitable for people born in 1988?

– South network:

  • In business: Quy Dau, Ky Ty, Dinh Suu and At Hoi
  • Choosing a husband and wife: If you marry with the year of the Rooster, Ky Ty, At Hoi, Dinh Mao, Dinh Suu, and Ox, you will have a good marriage, a harmonious couple, a wealthy economy. When married to the age of Mau Thin (the same age), Giap Tuat, Canh Ngo, and Binh Ty, the life was average, the feelings were good but the economy was not well-off.
  • Cavalry: Tan Mui, Quy Mui

– Female network:

  • In business: Ky Ty, Quy Dau and At Hoi
  • Choosing husband and wife: If you get married with the year of the Snake, the Rooster, the Pig, the Dinh, the Rabbit and the Ox, you will have a happy life, full of material and emotional. Also married to the age of Mau Thin, Canh Ngo, Giap Tuat and Binh Ty are suitable with predestined relationships but have poor fortune.
  • Cavalry: Tan Mui, Quy Mui

Which number of people born in 1988 Mau Thin matched?

Male and female fate was born in 1988, the age of Mau Thin is because of the fate of Moc (Chan), so it fits with numbers: 1, 3, 4



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