Horoscope at the age of Binh Tuat 2006 Overview of destiny, love, career

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Horoscopes for the year of the Year of the Dog: Overview of destiny, love and career, let's see what the year of birth, the year of the Dog, what age, the colors, the directions, and the people to be Convenient at work, emotional as well as daily life?

Overview of the fortune born in 2006 at the age of Binh Tuat

In the period from 20 to 30 years old, Binh Tuat had many difficulties and hardships in life. In addition to 30 years old, you have just met many lucky to have a good chance of a career, a career can go up at this age. The religious part is not very good. Your success is thanks to a lot of help from friends, little help from family. In China, your career will be clear, but in life there is also a period of time when the job is overshadowed, faint. The branch family has a lot of confusion and problems, so if they are not happy, they must go to the logistics, then the situation will turn to a peaceful and happy family life.

The life of the male soldier, Binh Tuat, has a few strict times when he is a rich man. He often worries about work, a boring life, wants to be independent but still needs to help his family to develop his career and work . China has many difficulties, about 20 to 30 years of age, in addition to 30 years, there are many good prospects, can go up at this age but the family and kinship is not very good.

The young female of the age of Bình Tuất has a good duty and a good life, she will develop both fortune and affection even though her fortune is a bit sad, but the number will be richly rewarded in the middle and the logistics.

Binh Tuat: BORN YEAR: 1946 to 2006 and 2066

The network of THUONG THO (land for archeology) Khac THIEN THUONG THUY HUYNH DUE home (rich and precious)

DOG Bones. General Crystal Buffalo

The talented boy, The precious guy's life : Guess the age of this network, Mang Tho is the roof of the house. The number of employees working hard and heart, Doing business hard, looking forward to becoming rich. Thanks to some guys for helping you, Thang May steps to your dream. Considering the nature of life, Seeing who is poor and poor helps us. Yet he did not worry, Eat and wipe the bill to pay for revenge. The heart is very good so, Loving people must not be angry with anyone. People eat straight, Risky has an accident on grace.

LIFE: Life in money has some difficulties and worries, nothing makes life boring and painful, life wants to be more independent thanks to family, but it cannot escape thanks to family. career development and career. The year of the Dog is very difficult in life during the intermediate period, that is, from the age of 20 to 30 years old. In addition to 30 years of age, there are many good prospects, the reputation is somewhat famous and can rise to this age. But the family and kinship are not so good. The number of friends thanks to the development of their jobs is more than that of their close family members. In a nutshell: The age of Binh Tuat is happy, but transport and transport have many difficulties in life, maybe thanks to family and friends in the development of fame rather than thanks to family and kinship. At the age of Binh Tuat, when he was young, he was miserable,

LOVE: In terms of love, there are also many hardships, life for love is like the reverse of the stream, sometimes it is good, sometimes it can stop and step on many painful things, want to know your love for the life. life should see below is the progress of your predestined. If you were born in these months, then in your life there were three changes in love, that is, you were born in the 4th, 8th, 9th and 12th lunar month. If you were born during these months, your life would change twice in love, that is, you were born in January, 2, 3, 5 and 10 in the lunar calendar. And if you are born in these months, your life is completely enjoyed by happiness, that is, you are born in the 6 th, 7 th and 11 th lunar month. Above are the developments in your hill about love and happiness, based on your astrological number.

GIAO, CONG LANH : Regarding the issue of public service in China, it is clear, but only for a while is overshadowed and no longer hears the reputation. Taoist is not happy, there are many questions, it is not wise, only in the middle age, there will be more sorrow about the religion, the logistics can be happy. Construction career was started at the age of 30 onwards, very hard money and long on career issues. The money is a bit lacking in the pre-shipping time, the intermediate is pleasant, the new logistics is rich and easy to live in happiness and full of money.

AGE FOR EATING : In business or cooperation, you must choose the age appropriate for your new age from the fear of failure or being deceived and costly in a way immensely. When you want to cooperate in business or career development, you should look for these ages, but cooperation or cooperation brings many victories in terms of fortune and fame, which are the ages: Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty, Tan Mao. . These years are very good for your business not only to win but also to thrive on every job in life.

WIFE'S CHOICE: Regarding marriage, you should also choose the age appropriate to your age, to push your life to the height of fame and fortune. If you want to live a full life, you should choose these ages and your marriage or marriage will definitely bring your life to a completely happy and full life, which is the age: Dinh Hoi , Mau Ty, Tan Mao, Quy Ty and At Dau. If you are married to the age of Dinh Hoi and Mau Ty, your life will prosper and have great prospects for fortune and fame. With the age of Tan Cat and Quy Ty, you will live happily both physically and mentally, life can bring a lot of wealth and wealth. With the age of Tan Cat and Quy Ty, you are developing both a career and a career, a life of fame and a flourishing career, full money. The age on the trenches was average. If you get married at this age, your life is on average. Because the age just in love but not in love with the career path, that is you get married with the age: Canh Dan, Nham Dan. Armor, Mau Dan. Those are the age at which you get married only to live a moderate life. If you marry with these ages, your life is not abundant and complete, you stay in the vicious circle of life, hard to overcome difficult times and can be completely poor, that is your predestined relationship with the age: Bính Tuất the same age, Nhâm Thân, Mậu Tuất, Canh Thin. Getting married with these ages will only bring you much sadness and worry. There are years when the age is very conflicting and the marriage will not work, If you are successful, then you will experience heartbreaking or absentness throughout your life, these are the years when you are aged: 18, 24, 30, 42, 48 and 54 years old. Those are the years when you should not get married, there will be many sorrow later. Born in these months you have the number of peach blossoms or have many concubines in your life or at least be plausible about the wife and children, that you were born in January, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 in the lunar calendar. You are born in these months will have many wives or concubines.

THE AGE : About getting married as well as doing business, you should avoid these ages because this age is very jealous of your age, you cooperate in business, or getting married will have many difficulties in life, may be killed or encounter isolation between life, which is the age: Ky Suu, At Mui, Ox and Quy Mui. These years will only bring you more heartbreaking than success in life. Meet cavalry in business matters, don't waste money and don't trust them. Meet the cavalry in the predestined relationship should silently should not get married or any ceremony with a grand nature. Meet the hydrophobic age in the family, must offer a yearly award for both age and must follow the term limit of each age each year that worship will be resolved.

THE MOST DIFFICULT YEARS : The year of the Dog has the most difficult years in life, business encounters many obstacles, the development of fame and fortune does not meet with good luck, poor fortune, always encountering obstacles or losses Many failures, these are the years that you are in the age of 24, 27, 30 and 36 years old. In these years, you should beware of unexpected accidents or illnesses.

MERCHANT DESTINATION DATE AND TIME : Binh Tuat's age has the best departure and departure date: odd day, odd hour and odd month. Exactly following the date, time and month above will bring you many victories in business, money with many positive results, all other jobs are satisfied.


  • + From 21 to 25 years: 21 years old, in case of unexpected accidents or things that upset you, this year is not very good, especially in July and August of the Lunar Calendar. In addition to other months should also prevent illness or cost of consumption. At 22 years old, the job was normal, the name of the company had developed a bit of weak money, cavalry in March. At 23 years of age, this year had a great conflict in January and August so be careful not to plague accident, talent and affection in November and 12. Be careful and skillful in these years. 24 years of age was developed for the part of a pleasant money, can succeed in the estimation, with financial results. 25 years old, full year and collected many positive results, in all matters of emotional career and fortune.
  • + From 26 to 30 years old: At 26 years of age, there are many good prospects, this year is completely good, you can succeed quickly in all matters of transactions, trade and can get a lot of money results. At 27 years old, you were strict in May, should not go far, but other months are quite nice. At 28 years old, the work was normal. In addition to the development of reputation, money is still in a normal level. At the age of 29, there is hope to gain a lot of fortune this year, so be careful in the winter a bit incompetent, there is pain of costly fortune.
  • + From 31 to 35 years old: 31 years old, not good in the first months of the year, but in the last months of the year is quite good. At 32 years of age, you can develop your career quickly in March and June, in addition to the average months. At the age of 33, there was a taboo in April and July, other months should be taken to prevent illness, do not go away this year but bring many failures. at 34 years old, was pretty on the road both fortune and prosperity. At 35 years of age, not in March. Other months were pretty good, doing a lot of luck and good.
  • + From 36 to 40 years old: 36 years old is not very good, the money is a little wasted, in May and June should go away with many benefits and can gain many results. At 37 years old, be careful about the family religion, there will be many victories in the career, normal fortune. At 38 years of age, the whole year is good except for September. Should work or go away to develop a career both benefits. In 39 and 40, normally for two years nothing important happens to life or fortune, but 40 years old should go away or do business in June is good.
  • + From 41 to 45 years old: This time is the most peaceful time for your life. 41 year old is beautiful in terms of affection, business, or money. 42 is quite good in the months of August and 12. 43 years old are not good cavalry in February, should be careful of the loss of money. At the age of 44, having a renaissance effect, should prevent theft and loss of sick family members in April and July of the year; In addition to the average other months. 45 years old is quite beautiful and has some success in money and affection.
  • + From 46 to 50 years old: 46 years old, should not do big jobs, will be harmful to the family. At the age of 47, it is good to leave the country or do business during the year, except for January when there is a conflict of age. At 48 years old, life became good and attractive, life was remarkably affluent. At 49 and 50 years old, two years in the ordinary of all jobs, nothing important happened.
  • + From 51 to 55 years: Around this time should develop career, financial ability, should be careful and can do small things well. 51 there is unfortunately in the family, the whole year more or less happy. 52 years old, a little bit bad, the way the children have changed, the business, the family is less happy. 53 years old, quite nice but envy in October lunar month. 54 years old normally. 55 years old is quite good for fortune and the family religion is somewhat beautiful in fortune as well as in love.
  • + From 56 to 60 years: In these years, you are in a period of clear transition to life, can promote the full life for the children. These years have success in fortune, the affection is also peaceful, happy family.

Which direction are those born in 2006 Bính Tuất?

Nam par:

  • Southeast – Dien: All stability
  • Male – Energetic: Blessed integrity
  • Eastern – Easter: To be helped
  • North – Thien y: Meet the weather, protected

Female Destiny:

  • Eastern – Easter: To be helped
  • North – Thien y: Meet the weather, protected
  • Male – Energetic: Blessed integrity
  • Southeast – Dien: All stability

What color is the color born in 2006 of the Bính Tuất?

– Due to the male destiny and the immense female born in 2006, who belonged to Chan, Moc, so with the similar color of Water, Black, Blue; the corresponding color of Jupiter is Green; the brown and yellow color of the Earth element because Wood conquers the Earth.

Cavalry of the colors onions Kim is White, Gray, Remember because Kim engraved Moc; Should not use the color of fire onions like Red, Pink, Purple because will be spawned, reduce energy.

What age is the year of the bear born in 2006?

– South network:

  • In business: Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty and Tan Mao
  • Choosing a spouse: People of Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty, Tan Mao, Quy Ty and At Dau age should be chosen to marry because there will be a full-service marriage.
  • Cavalry: Ky Ox, At Mui, Tan Ox and Quy Mui.

– Female network:

  • In business: Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty and Tan Mao.
  • Choosing a husband and wife: Should be married to people of the appropriate age to create a glorious and rich life, that is, the ages of Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty, Tan Mao, Quy Ty, Giap Ngo and At Dau.
  • Cavalry: Ky Ox, At Mui, Tan Ox, Quy Mui.

Which numbers were born in 2006 with the number of Binh Tuat?

– Men and women were born in 2006, the age of Bính Tuất is the same destiny of Mộc Mộc (Chan), so it fits with numbers: 0, 1, 2, 5

The year of the cavalry is born in the year of the tiger

Considering marriage, or matching business, it is best to stay away from the following: Ky Ox, Ox, Tan Ox and Quy Mui, the above age is the age of horsemen with your destiny, so combine For any of these age groups, there are no advantages and disadvantages. If someone from one of the above age groups invites you to do business, not to touch the capital, it is best not to agree, because in the end, you will end up losing, wasting your own money.

In marriage, if faced with the above age, absolutely do not get married easily, face separation and death, and if you want to be together without obstacles, it is best not to organize a wedding, or make a spiritual debut. families silently eat and live together. In the family, among relatives who are stuck in the old age, they should endure each other in life, and often, after the ceremony of reclamation, they will have a happy life.



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