Horoscope age of Rooster 2005 Overview of destiny, love, career

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Horoscope Year of the Rooster 2005: An overview of destiny, love, career, let's see what year of birth, year of the year of pig, what age should be suitable for the color, direction, and the people to be Convenient at work, emotional as well as daily life?

Overview destiny born in 2005 year of the Rooster

People born in the year of the Rooster are smart, have a high sense of responsibility at work, are not afraid of hardship, are willing to cope with hardships and storms. Pre-transport and mediocre experienced many ups and downs, with righteousness, not for the sake of harming people, so even if life falls into difficult circumstances, it can still exist. If the birth of Autumn and Winter, the number of happiness, career fame goes up, easily succeed. If playing against Xuan Ha, the number is often hard-working and fooling in life. At the age of Rooster: Xuong ngọ chi (Chicken neck at noon), the five elements loaded with water. The words are straight or straight, bravely temperament, rich fortune, happiness and integrity, although there are brothers but not thanks, relatives harmony. Women of this age are those who lead a peaceful life, sufficient money.

At the age of Ất Rooster, there was a life of great depression, your life was not much luck and good, the pre-fortunes and mediators were somewhat physically miserable. The male dojo of the Year of the Rooster is not warm, you always have many sorrows, you must be over 30 years old to have the happiness of the family. From the age of 28 onwards, the reputation of your development. Your career can only go beyond the average. By the middle of 27, you start to have career results, money problems are created a lot, but often fall apart. Your digital network can't keep money from scratch.

At the age of the Rooster, when children were young, they had a completely happy life physically, the career path had many very promising prospects. In contrast, during the middle period, there were many worries about material things as well as about morale. Part of the fame of women in the year of the Rooster has many good prospects in the pre-transport and mediation period, but this depends on your insight. Medieval period, your part of the family has many difficulties, poor logistics. At the end of your life, you will enjoy peace and happiness.

At Dau: BIRTHDAY: 1945 to 2005 and 2065

Trung Thuy Thuy Network (water in a well) Khac Thien THUONG QUESTION Son of the NORTH (from wealth and wealth)


Mr. Guan De lives : This number is small and difficult to raise, Growing up is more talented than people. Autumn and winter was born to be peaceful. There was happiness like crabs needed. Xuan Ha has a lot of mistakes in his life. He has to worry about business. In the past, please unload it, Until the time of filing will be more and more glorious. Because thanks to you guys, help me, Later on, I set up a career to glorify my life. The number of virtues is gentle, but the brothers do not get along. Having created a door, Phuoc followed the last to his glory.

LIFE: At the age of Rooster, there are many ups and downs, life is not much luck and good, money and transport are somewhat miserable physically. Life has a lot of sadness and sorrow in the middle time, and it is possible to enjoy leisure in the post-logistics period. At the age of 20 to 30, circumstances that do not allow the development of fortune, the career path has a clear scandal, so be careful and patient, find a direction for destiny and a path of clarity for life. Never be subjective and never be pessimistic, human life is like that, sometimes exciting, but sometimes quiet and silent. In short, the life of the Year of the Rooster has a lot of personal sorrow in the pre-shipping and mediation period, about the logistics after being happy and happy. At the age of Rooster, life is not so lucky, life is painful for a young age,

LOVE: About love has been fortunate, obtained many results. But never lasting, it's your fate of love. The love affair like a flowing stream is sometimes strong, sometimes peaceful, not sure what happens tomorrow. According to astrology and physiognomy, the following is your life with regard to love and happiness. If you were born in these months, your life had to change three times in love and happiness, that is, you were born in the 8th and 12th lunar month. If you were born in these months of love and happiness, you have to change at least twice in your life, that is, you were born in January, 2, 3, 4, 5, 9 and 10 in the lunar calendar. And if you are born in these months, your life will be enjoyed by a husband and a wife, that is, you were born in June, 7 and 11 Lunar Calendar. Above is your fate, according to the date of birth, to comment on the change of predestined and happy life.

TEACHERS, PUBLIC LIST : The religion is not warm, there are always many worries, it must be past the age of 30 to be able to have the happiness of the family. The part of the job is choked halfway because the circumstances do not allow further work, but the part of the career is somewhat elevated in life at age 28 onwards. A career that can only rise to an average by the middle of the age of 27 begins to have a lot of results in the career of money creation, but it often collapses unexpectedly, it can be said that the career created Easy and money comes in regularly, but the network cannot hold money at a young age.

AGE FOR SALES : In a business like career development, you should choose people of your age, to do business or work and to cooperate to expect many successes for you throughout your life. . The following are the ages for your business, which are the ages: Binh Tuat, Ky Suu, Nham Thin. These years are very good for your business, so you should cooperate in every case of your life without fear of failure.

WIFE'S CHOICE: In marriage and happiness, you should also be careful to choose your age and marriage age, because predestined relationship between two years of age, is very necessary to relate to life and life. Here is the kissing that you can choose, like the age: Binh Tuat, Ky Suu, Nham Thin, Quy Mui. You marry with the age of Binh Tuat: will boost your life to victory on the path of fame and career. With the Year of the Ox: The faster you get rich, the better the fortune will reach. With Nham Thin age: Creating a home, living a life of abundance and complete success on all issues. With the age of Quy Mui: Complete success in your career, career and always fortune. In the above-mentioned ages, the oysters are full of joy and happiness. You meet one of these age groups, your life has great prospects and is not afraid of being bitter in life, sad because of fate, because those are the years that have a lot of good and suitable for your Rooster age. If you get married at these ages, your life is only at an average level, that is, you get married to age: At the same age, At Dau age, Tan Mao, Quy Mao, You marry with age In this life, you are only at an average level, because the above age groups only adhere to the road of love but not in the way of fortune. If you marry with these age, your life will become poor, because your life is always difficult, because it does not create favorable opportunities in life, that is, you get married with the age: Dinh Hoi, Mau Ty and Quy Ty. Marriage with these ages is not good and can not flourish on the road fortune. In these years, you should not marry or consider the marriage will not work or if successful, you must be in a remote place because of the year of the cavalry and the cavalry for your marriage, which is the year in which you are aged: 15, 21, 25, 27, 33, 37, 39 and 45 years old. Born in these months, you will have the number of peach blossom, or at least be plausible about the woman, there are many concubines, love, that is you born in January, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 9 Lunar calendar. You should remember which month you were born to decide for your stool.

THE AGE : Shouldn't do business or get married with these ages, because it is very taboo to the age of the Rooster, getting married or doing business faces many difficulties in life, in the middle of life, encountering great scenery life or separation in your life is always in pain, that is the age: Canh Dan, Giap Ngo, Binh Than, Nham Dan, Giap Than, Nham Ngo and Mau Dan. Don't get married or any other case in your life. Meet the age of cavalry in the business should not be traded about money. Encounter in the old age in the affair, should silently get married without marriage ceremony or family launch, because very cavalry before the crowd. Meet the hydrophobic age in the children, the family should offer cozy stars for all ages during the year will meet the year limit.

THE MOST DIFFICULT YEARS : At the age of Rooster, the most difficult years are those in which you are 24, 27, 31 and 37 years old. These years have encountered many obstacles and difficulties in developing jobs or talents. These years also happened a lot of sorrow, illness, making the life most painful.

MERCHANT ISSUES DATE AND TIME : There are the most suitable departure and development dates for the fortune, the year of the Rooster must be made at odd hours, even days and even months. If you leave, go away or do business like that, throughout your life, never have difficulty in your life.


  • + From 23 to 28 years old: When you were 23 years old, you had many difficulties in business, your family had many troubles, the whole year did not have the lucky chance, try not to be pessimistic, so be careful in every job. walking. At 24 years old, it is not very good but not as difficult as 23 years old, in June onwards you meet a lot of luck. At 25, was blessed. At the age of 26, he was lucky and could create a career this year. Cavalry away September. At 27 years old, the whole year is only in the normal range of all professional activities and jobs. At 28 years of age, with a successful career or career, money was sure results in the 6th and 12th lunar month.
  • + From 29 to 35 years old: At age 29 to be full and somewhat affluent in fortune, affection or development of fame and career. At 30 years old, hope succeeds in all aspects of life. From 31 to 33 years old, the business was difficult, faced many obstacles in business, weak resources, sickness, accident prevention. At 34 years of age, the business prospered a little, maybe with unexpected fortune in May and June of the Lunar calendar, other months on average. At 35 years of age, hoping for a high reputation, a weak fortune, the business and development of the reputation is somewhat slow and very difficult to succeed.
  • + From 36 to 40 years old: Age 36 is quite good, the whole year made a lot of luck, this year should go away or do business is good and get many results about fortune. At 37 years of age, thriving strongly and in fortune and fame, should be careful in February and July, these two months are incompetent in families and kinship victims. At 38 years old, this year was not good in the first months of the year, but in the last months of the year, it was lucky for business, the whole year averaged. 39 years old, got a bit of fame, but the whole year of fortune is only average. At 40 years old, everything is comfortable and normal.
  • + From 41 to 45 years old: At 41 years of age, unfortunately, there is a cost of illness or illness in February and there is a tribulation accident in the August, other months are average. At 42 years of age, with the prospect of success on the career path, temporary fortune, there is no obstacle about career as a whole year. 43 and 44 years old, not so well. It is good to go away in the 43 years of age. The 44-year-old should not leave the country or become a partner in June, July, September or October with ill health. At 45 years old was good, starting from May onwards, thriving.
  • + From 46 to 50 years: At 46 years old should be careful about money, should not do big business, or associate with young people, do not exploit yourself, there is much hope. At 47 years of age, the average money, in the last months of the year is not good and lucky for you, careful to prevent illness or loss of money. At 48 years of age, it's good, but it's not good for months and months. At 49 years old, serene and may have more luck. At 50 years old, the whole year is normal, nothing important happens in life.
  • + From 51 to 55 years old: Around this time, beautiful or beautiful at the age of 51. In 52, there was loss of fortune and sickness. Year 53 was not good in October, then around age. Normal year 54 fortune, prosperity feelings. At 55, I was at ease in the first months of the year, but in the last months of the year, there was a lot of anxiety.
  • + From 56 to 60 years: At 56 quite good. 57 years old, in case of personal accident, if not careful this year, there will be accidents or funerals. 58 years old, if passed through 58 then the fate, nothing happens to life, the descendants are the result of fate. 59 and 60 feelings are integrity, career is solid.

Which direction was the year of the Rooster born in 2005?

Nam par:

  • Winter – Dien: Every stability
  • North – The vitality: Blessed with integrity
  • Southeast – Easter: Helped
  • Male – Natural medicine: Meet the weather, protected

Female Destiny:

  • Southwest – Serving: Get help
  • West – Thien y: Meet the weather, protected
  • Northeast – Life: Blessed with integrity
  • Northwest – Annual: All stability

What color did the Year of the Rooster look like in 2005?

– Male life in 2005 belongs to Càn palace, Kim onion with the similar colors of Turkey is brown and yellow; compatible color of onion Kim is white, gray, gray; tame color of the wood is green onions.

Cavalry with red, pink, purple, orange because this is the color of fire that Mars engraved Kim; Should not use the color of the aquatic element is black, blue because Kim born Thuy easily be born, reduce energy away.

– The female student born in 2005 in the Khôn and Turkish terrestrial fields is compatible with the similar colors such as Red, Orange, Pink, Purple, this is the color of the Fire element, which is born by the Earth fire; using compatible colors of Turkish onion like Gold, Brown; and use the color of the Water element, such as Blue, Black (Earth conquers Thuy).

Cavalry of the color of the green onions is green, green; Should not use the color of the Golden Onions such as White, Remember because Earth's birth, the supply of energy is easily reduced.

Who is the year of year of the Rooster year of age?

– South network:

  • In business: Nham Thin, Binh Tuat and Ky Suu
  • Choosing a husband and wife: People should choose the age of Ky Suu, Binh Tuat, Quy Mui and Nham Thin to get married because there will be a full-service marriage. And if married to the age of Tan Mao, Quy Mao and Dau Dau (same age) is okay but only create a moderate life.
  • Cavalry: Canh Dan, Binh Than, Nham Dan, Nham Ngo, Giap Than, Giap Ngo and Mau Dan.

– Female network:

  • In business: Tan Mao, Ky Suu and Nham Thin.
  • Choosing a husband and wife: If you are married to the age of Ky Suu, Binh Tuat, Quy Mui and Nham Thin, it is not only good for your career and fortune but also promotes extremely good feelings. As for marrying Quy Mao, Tan Mao and At Dau, your life just stops at a normal level, enough to eat and enough to wear.
  • Cavalry: Tiger Dan, Nham Dan, Giap Ngo, Giap Ngo, Binh Than, Nham Ngo and Mau Dan.

Which numbers were born in the year of the Year of the Rooster?

– Nam was born in 2005, at the age of Ất Rooster because he was a palace teacher (Càn), so it fits with numbers: 4, 7, 8, 9

– Female born in 2005, at the age of Ất Rooster because she was a Lady of Earth (Khôn), so she matched with numbers: 4, 5, 6, 9

Ages dating with the year of the Rooster born in 2005, 1945

Canh Dan, Giap Ngo, Binh Than, Nham Dan, Giap Than, Nham Ngo and Mau Dan are the age of the cavalry with the year of the Rooster. You should not marry or cooperate to do business with these ages.

If you meet the age of the horse in a business, then you should not trade for money. If you meet the year of the horse in love, you should silently get married. Encountering the hydrophobic age in the family, they must offer stars for the annual settlement.



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