Choose a tarot card to see your fortune in the near future like?

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Choose a Tarot card from the image above and view the commentary.


Card 1

This card represents the unity of spiritual beliefs. If you choose card number 1 then, this year, you will find answers to relevant questions about yourself.

Talk to yourself, pray for your way, or find the right guide.

It is important to balance your actions with desires from your heart, loving others and yourself.

You are at the beginning of the transformation of your soul and your life.

Card 2

This card represents a year of accomplishment, happiness, light, optimism and contentment. Good events will come to you and everything you desire will come true.

The sun represents love, prosperity, health, beauty and success. If you dream of being a mother, you are about to have good news.

Card 3

This card signals that you have to renew this year. It is time for you to give up the things your heart doesn't like, without experiencing pain or fear.

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