Born in 2020 what destiny, what age and what color?

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People born in 2020, 1960 Canh Ty fate, what age, should match with the color, direction, and what age people to be convenient in work, emotions as well as daily life?

Overview destiny born in 2020, 1960 years old Canh Ty

People born in the year of the Rat have a steadfast will and determination, once they have set their goals, they will try to accomplish them, never back down, accept all difficulties and hardships. Therefore in business they often reap success.

The Little Rat has a great ambition, but if he does not know how to adjust it, he will face many challenges and be prone to failure. Throughout the life of this age people rarely encounter financial difficulties. They know how to save money or calculate their expenses so they often accumulate large amounts of money to enjoy old age.

They live in harmony with the people around them. People of this age have the ability to communicate extremely well, they like crowded places, like the vibrant atmosphere, bustling but can not tolerate dull life. Not only that, they also have the advantage of being simple, honest, dislike to express themselves and especially never look down on others.

In childhood, men born in the year of the Rat were very turbulent. By the time of mediation, they will also overcome many difficult obstacles of life. Around this time there was a full hope of a career and career, the logistics of this time was at ease.

Canh Ty age-old women often have a lot of luck in childhood. Their destiny is blessed, so life offers many favorable opportunities to complete careers easily. During the intermediate times, they saw the result of happiness, relaxation and comfort.

Born in 2020 what destiny ?

Born in 2020 is the year of the mouse

Calendar year of birth: From January 25, 2020 to February 11, 2021

Lunar year of birth: Canh Ty

Destiny: Earth – Bich Thuong Tho – Land of arch

+ Mutuality: Kim and Fire

+ The similar: Thuy and Moc

– Thien can: Canh

+ Compatibility: At

+ Tuong: Giap, Binh

– Address: Ty

+ Triple: Body – Ty – Thin

+ Four onions: Ty – Ngo – Rabbit – Rooster

People born in 2020 Canh Ty to any direction?

– Male destiny:

+ Northwestern – Life vitality: Blessed integrity

+ Northeast – Annual: All stability

+ Western – Serving: Get help

+ Southwest direction – Thien y: Meet the weather is protected

– Destiny:

+ Northwestern – Thien y: Meet the weather is protected

+ Northeast – Serving: Get help

+ Westward – Annual: All stability

+ Southwest direction – Life vitality: Bliss is complete

What color is suitable for people born in 2020?

– Male par: Yellow, brown of Turkey. White, silver and cream of Kim onion.

– Female par: Red, pink, orange, purple belonging to Fire element. Yellow, brown on Earth.

What age is suitable for people born in 2020?

– Male destiny:

+ In business: Tan Suu, Dinh Mui and Giap Thin

+ Choice of husband and wife: Giap Thin, Tan Suu, Mau Tuat and Dinh Mui

+ Cavalry: Mau Than, Nham Dan, Giap Dan, At Mao and Binh Than

– Destiny:

+ In business: Tan Suu, Dinh Mui and Giap Thin

+ Choice of husband and wife: Dinh Mui, Tan Suu, Giap Thin and Mau Tuat

+ Cavalry: Nham Dan, Giap Dan, Binh Than, Mau Than, Quy Mao, An Mao

Which numbers were born in 2020 for Canh Ty?

– Male destiny: 6, 7, 8

– Destiny: 2, 5, 8, 9

The meaning of the numbers according to feng shui:

– Number 2: A pair, a pair, representing the balance of yin and yang.

– Number 5: Symbolizes honor, power and longevity and eternity. Number five is a great number for feng shui decorations.

– Number 6: A double number of the number three, with good and favorable signs. Three plus six and nine together form a group of three lucky numbers.

– Number 7: Symbolizes the power capable of repelling evil according to feng shui, if decorated with 7 items, will be given a mysterious and inviolable power.

– Number 8: Eight immortal things in Taoism and the eightfold path in Buddhism, can prevent the negative effects before they invade the house.

– Number 9: The figure of happiness, peace, convenience. According to Sino-Vietnamese, the number nine is synonymous with the words "longevity" and "luck".

The old cavalry with the year of the Rat

Canh Ty should avoid getting married or cooperating with the age of Nham Dan, Quy Mao, Mau Than, Giap Dan, At Mao, Binh Than. Because if that will happen disaster or death, separation into the middle of life.
Canh Ty is the most prominent in the year of the cat and the cat. Love life will not last long, and one person will die out of the two. And if you have fallen in love with one another, then you should not do the following: Girls naturally came to stay at home of boys. Absolutely should not have the wedding and debut relatives. The greatest caveat for things not to do is the tray of betel. If there were weddings or parties or premieres that met the hour and month, one of the two would die unexpectedly at about a year later.



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